Written translation

Highest possible standards of translations within the shortest possible time frame.

In our modern-day world, there is an incredible interpenetration of languages and cultures between countries. Consequently, communication is a serious business. That’s why the written translation of texts is one of TransLink’s most popular services.

Specialised translation

involves legal, technical, medical, economic and other documents. Technical translation demands absolute attention to detail and that the original text be conveyed precisely without a single deviation from the source material. Otherwise, the information in the final document will be distorted and lose its value, which may lead to an erroneous understanding of the material.

Literary translation

involves works of art, journalism (news, media materials), public speeches and presentations, as well as scripts and letters. The difficulty in literary translation lies in conveying the style and the unique mood of the text as well as the author's perspective.

TransLink’s written translation services

TransLink staff comprises translators with the experience and knowledge base required to translate literary and technical texts on any topic, of any size, and any complexity.

Our employees regularly develop and expand their expertise, which helps them cope with any nuances that may arise.

Our specialists have been involved in large-scale and high-profile projects such as the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, the 12th St Petersburg International Economic Forum, the G8 summit, etc.

Our long-standing experience and the high appraisal from our clients allow us to guarantee excellent quality of service.

Cost of written translation

To calculate the preliminary cost of a written translation, all you need to do is fill out a simple order form. After that, one of our managers will contact you to discuss the terms of the work.

The cost is calculated based on the following criteria:

  • The number of pages (1 page = 1800 characters including spaces).
  • The language pair.
  • The complexity of the text.
  • The need for formatting and desktop publishing.
  • The topic.
  • The possibility of using the database of pre-prepared translation materials

Each of TransLink’s clients can rest assured that all orders will be completed in time, to a high quality and in the best possible conditions.
You can use our Cost Calculator service to find out more about the cost of our translations services, or contact one of our managers by filling out an application form on our site.

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Вартість письмового перекладу

У зв'язку з тим, що деякі іноземні мови (наприклад, англійська та німецька) більш лаконічні, ніж російська, остаточний обсяг перекладеного тексту може відрізнятися від обсягу оригіналу. Попередній розрахунок виконується на основі оригіналу документа, тоді як остаточний розрахунок проводиться на основі кінцевого продукту. Тому остаточна ціна може варіюватися на 10-20% від початкової попередньої цитати.

Остаточна вартість також залежить від швидкості перекладу. Стандартний темп для письмового перекладу текстів - 8 сторінок в день. Якщо граничні терміни, зазначені клієнтом, коротше нашої стандартної ставки, послуга буде значно дорожчою.