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In order for businesses to keep up with the global trends, employees at all levels need to upgrade their language skills in order to communicate better internationally. It is not enough that they are experts in their field with PhDs or that they have led countless seminars. It does not matter how good a brand is or how highly-qualified an employee is if they are not able to communicate this effectively to people in another country. However, it is not always easy to find language experts that are also highly skilled in the business, or who can actually understand each student’s learning style and tailor the lessons to the industry he/she works in.

The largest translation bureau in Eastern Europe, Translink has established Translink-Education to assist businesses and help them reach their potential.

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Translink employs only the best language teachers, screened through a three-stage control system. Each student’s learning curriculum is customized by our Methodology Department to ensure the most effective learning yet. Learn a new language today!

An individual training program

An individual training program is meticulously selected for each company. Special attention is paid to the business area in which the company operates. A road-map for staff training is developed based on the specifics and requirements of the business.

Business Language

Business Language can be taught at your company's office or in our office. If your employees often go on business trips, you can choose distance learning - we have our own distance learning platform.


Teachers are proficient in innovative techniques and use them successfully in classes, which helps the students achieve their learning objectives rapidly.

The Methodology Department

The Methodology Department processes each application for training so that the training material can be adapted as much as possible to c\the client’s needs, whatever the specialization of the company.

We offer your employees corporate foreign language courses in the following areas:

Business language

General Language Course

Language for Special Purposes

Spoken Language

We also provide the following additional services:

Language proficiency assessments

Independent testing

Advanced training of translators


Listeners reached a higher level than they planned


of students achieved their learning goals


of our students stated that they do not experience difficulties in communicating in a foreign language after the course.

10 000

students have successfully learned how to communicate freely in English with colleagues and clients.